We would like to thank all of you who have so graciously donated to Calliope’s Call!

  • Sponsors ($1000-$1999)
    Peter McKinney
    Tabernacle Presbyterian Music Ministry
  • Patrons ($500-$999)
    Mary Brody
    Cerise Jacobs
    Adam McLean
    Megan Roth
  • Supporters ($250-$499)
    Cathleen Cameron
    Christopher Cook
    Arthur & Catherine Coviello
    Andrea Mattisen-Haskins
    Jonathan and Miah Michaelsen
    Barbara Roth
  • Enthusiasts ($100-$249)
    Ruth Albright
    David Arnold
    Beth Gurney
    Davida Carvin
    Shane Coyle
    Thomas Dreeze
    Paul & Rita Finnegan
    Stephen & Barbara Fulghum
    Mary Alice Cox & Jim Koch
    David Lawton, given in honor of Peter McKinney's 86th birthday
    Michelle Louer
    Amanda Matson
    Vivian Nash, given in honor of Peter McKinney's 86th birthday
    George Pinney
    Lauren Wood-Radcliffe
    Kenneth Roberson
    Charles Schultz
    Eliot Smith
    Jennifer Sparks
    Susan Swaney
    Fontaine Syer
    Barbara Vance
    Dana Varga
    Scott Wheeler
    Robert Williams
  • Friends ($50-$99)
    Wynne Armand
    Emilian Badea
    Paul & Karen Barker
    Donna & Josh Breitzer
    Robert Evans
    Juliana Hall
    Mary Ann Hart
    Solmaz Kafi
    Abby Lee
    Margot Rood
    Aaron Stalnaker
    Harmonia Vocal Studio
    Wanda Yang Temko
    Sonja Tengblad
  • Fans ($25-$49)
    Phil DiLavore
    Dustin Francis
    Elsa Lichman
    Laura A. Logan
    Meena Malik
    Kimberly Moller
    Sarah Moyer
    Brittany Palmer
    Mellisa Roberts
    Catherine Smith

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Andrea Mattisen-Haskins, Vivian Nash, Peter McKinney, Maria van Kalken, Sara Garrard, Old North Church Marblehead and Old West Church for generously hosting our season three concerts.